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PE Tube Lined Steel Pipe

PE tube-lined steel pipe consists of galvanized steel pipe and PE tube lining. PE tube lining is bonded tightly to the inside surface of galvanized steel pipe under a special process. This composite pipe is used for a potable water supply system of hot and cold water. NOVA™ works as the tie layer between the galvanized steel and PE tube lining


  • Uniform internal bonding
  • Excellent long-term adhesion durability


Hot and cold water pipe

Large Diameter Pipe
Hot and Cold Water Pipe


Grade Description Major Application TDS MSDS
NOVA™ AP150 Modified polyethylene adhesive resin for PE tube liner steel pipe Adhesive resin for composite pipe 190312_NOVA_AP150_Pellet_TDS_TWOHChem.pdf첨부파일 220823_NOVA_AP150_Pellet_GHSMSDS_TWOHChem.pdf첨부파일