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Aluminum Honeycomb & Corrugated Panel

Aluminum honeycomb & corrugated panels widely used for the buildings, vehicles, and vessels. The surface layer of aluminum reinforced panels is an aluminum alloy sheet, while the core layer is honeycomb or corrugated aluminum. It is rigid enough for wall panels and relatively light-weight than normal composite panels. NOVA™ adhesive resin is widely used as the tie layer between aluminum honeycomb or corrugated core and aluminum sheets.


  • Excellent long term adhesion durability


Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

Aluminum Corrugated Panel


Grade Description Major Application TDS MSDS
NOVA™ ADBOND800 Modified polyethylene adhesive resin for aluminum honeycomb & corrugated panel Adhesive resin for aluminum honeycomb & corrugated panel 130518_NOVA_ADBOND800_Pellet_TDS_TWOHChem.pdf첨부파일 130518_NOVA_ADBOND800_Pellet_TDS_TWOHChem.pdf첨부파일