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Polyolefin Adhesive Film

Polymer is widely used because of its excellent mechanical properties and processability.
However, it lacks adhesive properties due to its non-polarity.
Therefore, If we try to tie up one resin with others, they are easily peeled off once we make them multi-layer composite structures.
TWO H Chem`s polymer adhesive films provide a super adhesiveness function to tie up different composite layers of plastic and metals.
Since customers' needs for adhesive films are variable, we provide customized offers adopting appropriate base resin for their purposes.
For the base resin of adhesive film, we use polyolefin, polyamide, and their composite.


  • Advanced adhesion to substrates
  • Maintain polyolefin property
  • Compatible with polyolefin
  • Good processibility
  • Excellent long-term adhesion durability


Aluminum Composite Panel

Auto Interior Part


Grade Description Major Application TDS MSDS
NOVA-F™ ALP0708F Modified polyethylene adhesive film for aluminum composite panel Adhesive film for aluminum composite panel 180220_NOVA-F_ALP0708F_Film_TDS_TWOHChem.pdf첨부파일 180220_NOVA-F_ALP0708F_Film_GHSMSDS_TWOHChem.pdf첨부파일