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Display Module Shielding Bag

A shielding bag is especially suitable for packing electronics parts like LCD modules, which is very sensitive to static. This polyolefin permanent antistatic shielding bag is designed to protect customer's products against static-induced damage. Polyolefin-based, shielding bag has an advanced functional polymer to improve surface resistance properties without migration of additives. Inevitably, the conductive polymer to be positioned in one direction of MD(Machine Direction) when the film is inflated by a blown film machine. However, TWO H Chem developed a unique technology to make conductive polymer positioned on film surfaces homogeneously by controlling the viscosity of polymers. The specialty conductive polymer has homogeneous antistatic performance in all directions(MD/TD).electronic


  • Excellent permanent antistatic performance: 1011 ↓
  • Contamination-free with stable molecular structure  (No surface migration by extra additives)
  • Protection guards against charges inside and outside
  • Excellent surface resistance
  • Maintain polyethylene property
  • No scratch on components
  • No migration
  • Carbon free
  • Surfactant free
  • Heavy metal-free


  • LCD module protection shielding bags
  • Substitute for aluminum bags
  • Protection of static sensitive component
Display Module Shielding Bag
Display Module Shielding Bag (Easy Handling)