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Business_Advanced Materials
Additives for Secondary Battery

The secondary battery industry is rapidly growing as a core sector of the upcoming Fourth Industrial Revolution.
For this reason, many companies are applying various materials to improve the performance of batteries.
We are committed to producing and developing the required materials to enhance the performance of secondary batteries.

Business_Advanced Materials
3D Printing Materials

Over the last three decades since WTO was established, globalization has brought economic prosperity through cost-effective manufacturing in
countries like China. However, globalization is waning due to protectionist trade policies, leading to a shift toward on-shoring.
On-shoring increases costs, so companies are turning to solutions like 3D printing to reduce expenses,
especially in industries like automotive and appliances. TWO H Chem is actively developing
3D printing materials and collaborating with our customers to adapt to these industry changes.

Business_Anti-Corrosion Solutions
Oil & Gas Pipes

Preventing pipeline corrosion is crucial in the Oil & Gas industries.
We provide adhesive polymer powders to major Oil & Gas pipeline service
providers in North America and Europe.

Business_Anti-Corrosion Solutions
Water Pipes

The potable water pipe is one of the crucial applications where an anti-corrosion solution
is necessary. We provide customers with adhesive resin for inner coating application.
Specifically, PE inner tube inserted steel pipe demand is sharply increasing
for potable water delivery applications.

Business_Construction Materials

Sheet Molding/Bulk Molding Compounds sector is one of the dominant plastic
processing industries. We produce and supply micro powder additives(FIPOLDER).
FIPOLDER provides the function of enhancing the scratch resistance and smoothness
of the product while preventing warpages.

Business_Construction Materials
Adhesive Solutions

We produce and offer adhesive resin(NOVA) for aluminum composite pipes.
We also provide tie resin/film and flame retardant compound core resin for aluminum
composite panels.

Business_Construction Materials
Non-Slip Powder

We offer FloorGrain, which is a non-slip powder for parking floor coating.
It prevents wet floors and friction noise sounds from tires with
epoxy-coated floors.

Automotive Sheets

Light Weight Reinforced Thermoplastics is the most controversial
agenda in the automotive industry. We produce adhesive sheets
for making automotive parts of LWRT applications.
It provides excellent heat-sealing properties.

Special Film

We produce permanent anti-static film and supply it to electronics and appliance
manufacturers. Our advanced technology prevents any problems with agent migration.
We also offer partnering projects with customers and develop customized solutions.

Coating Powder

For LCD diffusers and reflector applications, we make and
supply special coating powders.
We are proud of the satisfactory feedback from major LCD manufacturers.


Our company also manufactures and supplies powders for various binder purposes,
such as water purifier filters and alkaline batteries.

Business_Eco-Friendly Modifiers
Eco-Friendly Modifiers

Sustainability-Driven ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles are
gaining significant prominence in the plastics industry.
Our company aligns with this industry trend and provides eco-friendly quality
modifiers like recycling agents essential for the plastic recycling sector.
We will focus our R&D efforts on developing various materials and modifiers
required for plastic recycling.