Permanent antistatic compound

Special Compound

Permanent antistatic compound

Conductive polymer

The effect of normal (low molecular weight) antistatic agents comes out  when it bleeds out to the surface of the end products. And the antistatic property fades out with bleeding out itself. But TWO H Chem’s conductive polymer is dispersed and coupled in the end products after extrusion molding or injection molding. So antistatic property of the end products comes from the conductivity of the conductive polymer itself. Fundamentally, TWO H Chem’s permanent antistatic compounds has no any extra additives, so has no concerns of contamination by migration.


TWO H Chem’s antistatic compounds are especially suitable for package of electronic products which are sensitive to static, LCD Module etc.

The polyolefin antistatic shielding bag made by TWO H Chem is designed to protect the electronic components and products  from the static-induced damages and scratches on the surface.


Homogeneous antistatic performance

Conductive polymer can not be evitable to be positioned by one direction of MD(Machine Direction) when film or sheet is extruded by extruder.


TWO H Chem’s unique method make the conductive polymer be positioned homogeneously on the surface of the end products by controlling viscosity of polymers. So, TWO H Chem’s special permanent antistatic compounds maintain homogeneous antistatic performance in all directions(MD/TD) of the end products.

  • Excellent permanent antistatic performance : 1011↓*
  • No migration & no contamination by no additives and stable molecular structure
  • Carbon free
  • Surfactant free
  • Heavy metal free
  • Packages protecting the electronic components and products from the static-induced damages and scratches on the surface
  • Shield bag for TV display set and LCD & LED module