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Processing Additive for High-End SMC / BMC

CS Series™ cross-linked polystyrene fine powder is a copolymer of polystyrene created to form a rigid, transparent, and colorless material with outstanding electrical properties. Compared to commodity polystyrene, CS Series™ cross-linked polystyrene is much stronger and has significant high-temperature resistance and considerably better chemical resistance. CS Series™  has good dimensional stability and displays good optical transparency. CS Series™ cross-linked polystyrene fine powder is a spherical fine powder form functional modifier working well with SMC / BMC and paint coating formulations.


  • The spherical shape of CS Series™ offers a smooth touch to the molded end products
  • High dimensional stability
  • Narrow particle size distribution
  • Easy dispersion in water and solvents
  • Smooth flow for easy handling and accurate feeding

Characteristics of SMC / BMC

  • - Thickening effectiveness by absorption of styrene monomer
  • - Good compatibility with pigments and other components
  • - No scumming on the surface

Characteristics of the molded end products

  • - Aesthetical effect of transparency
  • - Excellent dimensional stability
  • - No reduction of physical strength
  • - High resistance to boiling water
  • - Easy peeling off protection film


  • - Low profile surface finish
  • - Low shrinkage
  • - High gloss
  • - Surface hardness
  • - Transparency and color brilliance
  • - Excellent chemical resistance
  • - Thickening effectiveness
  • - Scratch resistance & Maintaining burnish



Artificial Marble


Grade Description Major Application TDS MSDS
CS Series™ XPF0100S Cross-linked polystyrene finely sized and highly spherical powder form for high-end SMC / BMC Additive for high-end SMC / BMC 221017_CS_XPF0100S_Powder_TDS_TWOHChem.pdf첨부파일 210316_CS_XPF0100S_Powder_GHSMSDS_TWOHChem.pdf첨부파일