Ultra high molecular weight powder

Polymer Powder

Ultra high molecular weight powder

Ultra high molecular powder additive

Non-Slip & Anti-Noise powder additive

Powder additive for floor paints & coatings


 thermoplastic high molecular weight polymer powders are designed as an additive in paints and coatings for high performance flooring coating applications. This unique very high molecular weight polymer powder exhibits exceptional mechanical toughness & chemical resistance.


 can be used in wide variety of painting systems such as epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic and water borne paint formulations.


 offers a unique combination of properties :

  • Very high molecular weight
  • Uniform surface finish
  • Excellent non-slip & anti-noise effect
  • No fall out of the powder from paint
  • Durable surface (abrasion and impact resistance)
  • Easy to clean
  • Ease of application by roller, brush, or spray gun
  • No extra steps for application
  • Semi-transparent clear white that can be used in all paint colors
  • Extended coating life
  • Cost saving compared to other additives or techniques
Key benefits
  • Non-Slip effect
  • Anti-Noise effect that eliminates tire squeal
  • Excellent abrasion resistance & extended coating life
  • Matte finish & easy to clean
  • Cost saving
Broad & various applications
  • Parking garages & heavy duty industrial floor
  • Outdoor & indoor floor
  • Swimming pool & bathroom’s floor
  • Kitchen floor
  • Gas station floor
  • Marine & ship’s floor, stairs and deck
Simple 2~3 layers application method

 polymeric powder additive can be easily dispersed with normal standard paint mixing equipment. There is little or no change in viscosity and no reaction with paint  and coating formulations.


Just add 5~7 % by weight  of  SHP4080-1 into the paint  and mix.


Coverage Example :

  • 5% by weight of  SHP4080-1
  • 1 kg (2.5 lbs.) of  SHP4080-1 in 20 kg
  • (5 gallon) of a typical paint  formulation covers 80 m2 (1,033 ft2 )                                        
Extended coating life

Heavily traveled crossroads show some epoxy coating wear. However, there is no fallout of non-slip particles from the remaining epoxy coating. Coating aesthetics and non-slip performance nearly the same as it was 4 years earlier.

Polymer powder for filter

Ultra High molecular weight polyethylene(UHMWPE) fine powder binder for carbon filter

SP Series™  is well suited for filter applications of water, chemical and gas. It can be a filter by sintering itself or is used as a binder for activated carbon filter.


SP Series™ is a ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) in fine powder form. These unique material exhibit very high toughness. SP Series™ is pure polyethylene, so has broad regulatory compliance and contain no residual chemicals or additives that may interfere with some application.

Characteristics of SP Series™ 
  • Ultra high molecular weight
  • Chemical resistance
  • High melting point
  • Superior hardness
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Scuff and abrasion resistance
  • Narrow particle size distribution
  • High bulk density
  • No residual chemicals


Applications of SP Series™ 
  • UHMWPE sintered filter
  • Binder for activated carbon filter