Hot melt adhesive powder

Polymer Powder

Hot melt adhesive powder

Hot melt adhesive powder for textile

This thermoplastic powder melts and bonds under heat. Hot melt adhesive powders are increasingly being used for processing textile surfaces and are in each case being optimized in terms of the properties required.


Interlining powder is a polymer powder used to make fusible interlining for various kinds of clothes and nonwoven fabrics, and is coated on fabric to serve as a binder.


The high melting point provides superior heat resistance. HP series™ is manufactured by TWO H Chem’s unique technology to meet special requirements for modern textile interlining, particularly for paste coating.

  • Excellent adhesive property
  • Spherical particle shape
  • Narrow particle size distribution
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Automotive textiles for interior trim and seats
  • Interlining fabrics for men's and women's outerwear
  • Toe puffs, shoe inlays and soles