Polymer adhesive film

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Polymer adhesive film

Adhesive film for multi layer structure

Polymer including polyolefin is the widely used plastic due to its excellent mechanical properties and processability. But it lacks adhesive property due to its non-polarity. So, it  is difficult to be used with other resins and easy to be peeled off if it is used in multi layer composite structure.

Why need adhesive film and resin?

For making composite material, which is needed in industry.
  • Metal + Polymer
  • Metal + Metal
  • Polymer + Other polymer
    (example : Aluminium / Steel + PE, composite of other plastics)

Adhesive films are mainly used as tie layer in composite materials.


TWO H Chem`s polymer adhesive film products are used to bond fabric, foam, foil, plastic film and metal.

Every polymer adhesive film is unique in the attributes it possesses.  When considering an adhesive film for your application, various requirements are needed.

That’s why we offer customized functional polymer adhesive films based on polyolefin, polyamide and their modified.

  • Advanced adhesion to substrates
  • Maintain polyolefin property
  • Compatible with polyolefin
  • Good processibility
  • Excellent long term adhesion durability
  • Multi layer structures such as films, tubes and thermoformable sheets
  • Aluminum / steel composite pipes & panels
  • Outer & inner tie layer of composite pipes
  • Coating & laminating of textiles, films, non-woven materials, leather, foam materials (automobile parts)