Innovative solution partner

TWO H Chem is a leading company of
special high performance polymer products.

We offer you uniquely customized products to
satisfy your needs in various applications.

About TWO H Chem

Polymer specialist - First class products!

Polymer Specialist

TWO H Chem for High Quality and High Customer Satisfaction.


TWO H Chem specializes in the production of customized products and systems made of Special Compounds, Polymer Powders, Functional Films & Sheets.


Since establishment in 2002, TWO H Chem has developed business relationship with the applications of automobile, home appliance, construction, electric/electronic, paints, coatings, textile and pipe, starting the manufacturing of various functional polymer products.


All colleagues of  TWO H Chem have made an effort constantly for

High Quality and High Customer Satisfaction through developing the world best products.


TWO H Chem’s innovative results come from the interplays between

Customer Intimacy, Product Leadership and Operational Excellence.


Our high quality polymer products are exported from our production plant to over 20 countries.

2002 Establish TWO H Chemical


2006  Certificated ISO 9001
  Awarded $1,000,000 export tower


2007   Set plant at Goesan
  Certificated INNO-BIZ, Venture
  Change company name, TWO H Chem Ltd.


2008  Certificated R&D center
  Awarded $3,000,000 export tower


2011  Awarded technical special grand prize
  Awarded $5,000,000 export tower


2012 Start to supply permanent antistatic film to SAMSUNG Electronics


2013  Awarded silver medal, HYUNDAI E&C tech fair

  Awarded $10,000,000 export tower


2014  Awarded the trader of this month prize

  Awarded Korea best patent grand prize


2015  Certificated MAIN-BIZ

  Set 2nd plant at Eumseong


2016 Certificated GREEN-BIZ


2017 Certificated first-class venture enterprise



Trust & Benefit by High Quality & High Customer Satisfaction


TWO H Chem for High Quality
and High Customer Satisfaction

A company is like riding a bicycle.

To keep a bike running, we have to step on the pedals endlessly.


Endless innovative development will sustain TWO H Chem as the leading company in special polymer solutions.


We will try to get the trust from customers by high quality and give benefits to customers by high customer satisfaction endlessly.